Dog Pros & The New Tax Code

  A dogtec Conversation With Dog Pro CPA Marie Poliseno Our clients have questions and concerns about how the new tax bill will effect them and their businesses, and we’ve been watching the … [Read more...]

Writing Policies Clients Respect

We’ve often written about the need for good policies—and what makes them good. Our advice has included tips on putting solid policies into place, delivering your policies in writing and verbally, and … [Read more...]

Why You Should List Your Rates on Your Website

Very few dog pros I know are comfortable talking about their rates with potential clients. Let’s face it: We’re dog lovers, not salespeople. But you shouldn’t let that discomfort extend to your … [Read more...]

Raising Your Rates–Why, When, & How

In our consulting work we’ve noticed dog pros share a nearly universal fear of raising rates. If you’ve put a rate increase off, worried your clients will leave you in a mass exodus, this article is … [Read more...]

Smart Discounts for Dog Pros: Don’t Give the Store Away

Everybody loves a deal, and everyone loves to spend less if they can, no matter their socio-economic standing. Have you been hearing “Do you have a discount for (fill in the blank)?” a lot lately and … [Read more...]

Are You Losing Money? Smart Rates & Policies

You’ve heard of “death by a thousand cuts”? The phrase can be traced to lingchi, an ancient Chinese form of torture in which the victim was…well, we’ll leave it to your imagination. Suffice to say it … [Read more...]

Good Policies Save Money

Running a business without effective policies is like driving a car without oil. The car—or your business—runs less and less effectively until, finally, it breaks down. To avoid spending time on the … [Read more...]

Set Your Rates Right

Most of us are dog lovers first, trainers second, and business men and women dead last. A number of challenges arise from this reality, including a pervasive sense of guilt about charging money for … [Read more...]

Don’t Give It Away

We’ve all been there—at a party, or in line at the grocery store, or at a child’s soccer game. Wherever it happens, you know how it goes. Someone asks you what you do. You tell them. Next thing you … [Read more...]

Win With Packages

Cases that don’t solve and clients that fade away before their behavior modification plan is completed are common complaints among dog trainers. So is not knowing from week to week what your schedule … [Read more...]

Making the Sale

In "You're Worth It" I talked about charging what you’re worth. I attempted to convince you to give up the guilt and understand that being paid well for your work is good for you, your business, your … [Read more...]