Get The Right Clients Part 1: A Crash Course In Conversion Strategies

The first goals of any marketing plan are getting hits on the website and the phone ringing. But just getting hits and inquiries isn’t enough. It’s conversions you really want—the potential clients … [Read more...]

Get The Right Clients Part 2: Selling The Initial Consult

In part one of this series on increasing your sales conversions we looked at two of the factors influencing sales: poorly targeted marketing and low rates. Fix these areas, and you’ll likely see an … [Read more...]

Get The Right Clients Part 3: Selling The Training Package

In part two of this series on increasing your sales conversions we looked at selling the initial consult. Getting the initial consult is a great feeling. But now you’re in the client’s home and, … [Read more...]

Increase Class Program Success With Topics Classes

For most of us the phrase “dog training class” conjures a picture of a six-week sequential program. Though this is by far the most common public class iteration, there are no rules that say it has to … [Read more...]

Successful Dog Training Classes

What criteria do you use to judge the success of your classes? Trainers often say they feel good about an hour spent teaching when they see students laugh and smile. When they see dogs performing. … [Read more...]

The Dog Training Class Revolution

Many years ago in my previous career, I taught learning theory and curriculum development to teachers and graduate students pursuing their master’s degrees in education at one of the top-ranked … [Read more...]

Fixing The Unfixable: A New Approach To Treating Separation Anxiety

With Malena DeMartini Price Early pioneer of applied training Bob Bailey often says dog training is simple, but it’s not easy. Never is this more true than with separation anxiety—both for the … [Read more...]

Separation Anxiety: Standing On One’s Own Four Paws

By Malena DeMartini Price The voicemail message was a funny one. It said, in a charming Italian lilt, “I need help getting my dog off the feet.” Ninety nine percent of my caseload is made up of … [Read more...]

Got Confidence?

By Malena DeMartini Price My second client ever was a separation anxiety case. The dog’s name was Guinness, like the beer, and his owners had found him sickly and tattered, scavenging for food … [Read more...]

Open Enrollment Classes

Filling classes can be challenging, particularly for smaller businesses. So many stars must align for potential clients: The right class on the right day of the week at the right time and starting on … [Read more...]

Training the Clients

Most trainers agree that working with clients is the most important—and most challenging—part of the job. Even when the trainer does the training in board and train or day training situations, the … [Read more...]

The Business of Curriculum

Frustrated at classes that end with fewer students than you started with? Disappointed that more clients don’t sign up for the next round? All the more perplexed because your class evaluations are … [Read more...]

Client Paperwork

If only it were just about training the dogs! But of course it isn’t. Many other responsibilities, tasks, and details vie for a dog trainer’s attention. Client-based paperwork is not the least among … [Read more...]

The Case for Day Training

We trainers often feel frustrated by unfinished cases and low client compliance—endemic issues in our industry—leading us to describe owners as lazy, uncommitted, unskilled, uncaring, cheap. … [Read more...]

Better Case Resolution

In our one-on-one work with trainers we are often asked to help bring down the number of unsolved behavior cases—by which I mean those clients a trainer sees once or twice, maybe more, without … [Read more...]