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The Basic Class Curriculum

What Is It?
A professionally designed R+ curriculum for anyone teaching basic manners classes.

Never again start with 10 students and finish with 6, or piece a class together from other trainers’ plans. Set your clients up for success beyond the classroom to keep them coming back to your classes time and again.

  • Easy to use
  • Designed by master curriculum designers
  • Fully editable
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
  • Tried and tested by dog pros across the country
  • Available on thumb drive
  • Can be used to guide private lessons


Choose From 2 Options
1. Open Enrollment
Students start whenever they’re ready, allowing you to keep your classes full. Never again make students wait for the next section or lose them to the competition. 6 to 7 weeks long—your choice.
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2. Real-life Basic
A heavy focus on real-life problem solving and application gives your students the skills they need for success outside the classroom, where it counts. 6 to 8 weeks long, or two 3-week classes—your choice.
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What You Get
Materials: Fully scripted curriculum | student homework handbook | instructor’s handbook | assistant’s handbook | DVD (regular version) or web seminar (open enrollment version) for instructors

Behaviors covered: Regular Version covers Sit | down | watch | come | stay | leave it | target | loose-leash walking | anti jumping | wait 
Open Enrollment Version covers Sit | down | come | stay | leave it | loose-leash walking | anti jumping | wait

Training concepts covered: Basic learning theory | nothing for free (optional) | life rewards | luring | shaping (Regular Version only) | reward removal (negative punishment) | timing | criteria | proofing / handling distraction | getting and keeping focus | rate of reinforcement | fading the lure | use of voice and body | problem solving


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  • I can’t thank you enough for the Basic Manners Curriculum. What a helpful resource and at great value, considering how much material is included. I now have a professional, meaty-looking presentation—that’s a big part of the reason my clients feel they get their money’s worth.”
    Erica Curtis, Arnicadia Farms Dog Training
  • Before we started using the dogtec curriculum, we would start a class with 8 students and maybe finish with 3. I knew something had to change. In the past year, basic manners and puppy combined, I’m proud to say we’ve had only one student that did not complete our classes. We could not have done this without your help and brilliant curriculum. Thanks again for helping us to do what we love to do.”
    Dennis Fehling, Friends For Life Dog Training
  • Takes Basic Manners Class to a new level. My students are hooked on training and come back again and again.”
    Erica Nance, Dogs of Hudson Family Dog Training
How Is It Different?
Both programs:
Teach students through real or simulated (your choice) situations

  • Teach students to apply behaviors and skills to real life.
  • At home: having guests over, reading email or prepping dinner, relaxing.
  • Out and about: taking a walk, visiting the park, running errands.

Accommodate students and dogs at all levels, together

  • Skilled, experienced students with green dog guardians? No problem.
  • Focused Lassies with distracted Scoobie Doos? No problem.
  • Visual learners with auditory learners? No problem.
Open enrollment:
Class is ready for newcomers every week

  • Students can start anytime, no waiting.
  • No more postponed or under-enrolled classes.
  • You never have to turn students away.

Innovative self-contained lesson plan design

  • First-week students with fifth-week students? No problem.
  • No more running about giving mini privates to each student.
  • Students build skills at their pace and level.
Regular real-life basic:
Teach students problem-solving skills for life outside the classroom

  • Real-life success means more repeat business.
  • Focus on changing dog and human behavior both.
  • Get your students thinking like a dog trainer.

Flexibility to offer the programs your students want

  • Group orientation or private jump start lesson.
  • Choose 6, 7, or 8 week sequential program.
  • Or offer two 3-week classes: Home Manners & World Manners