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The B-Mod Toolkit

What Is It?
A Toolkit of ready-made R+ training plans for all common behavior issues.

Never again design complicated training plans from scratch, just choose your training approach based on the case before you and take your client through clear instructions and a tailor-made plan of action. Plans include operant, classical, and combination approaches. All are fully adjustable.

  • Technically advanced
  • Scientifically sound
  • Easy to use
  • Written and vetted by top dog trainers
  • For use in coaching, day training, and board & train cases
  • Recommended by Jean Donaldson
  • Available on thumb drive
  • Free toolkit upgrades

What You Get
Training plan and aids: Operant, classical, and combination approaches | management options | additional recommendations

Behaviors covered: Resource guarding | separation anxiety | handling issues | on-leash dog-dog reactivity | off-leash dog-dog aggression | stranger fear | demand and watchdog barking | submissive urination | house training

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  • I love the week-by-week format, sound teaching principles (such as one-thing-at-a-time for both training and coaching clients), and countless nuggets like reminders that warm-up is a key parameter and that tortoises win b-mod races. I strongly endorse this product. It’s a glorious contribution.”
    Jean Donaldson
  • An invaluable tool when handling challenging behavior cases. Not only do the training plans help me stay organized, but I sleep better at night knowing I haven’t left anything out. Thank you!”
    Betsy Calkins, The Educated Dog Learning Center