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The Homework Toolkit

What Is It?
A Toolkit of 45 R+ homework sheets and handouts, covering training concepts, obedience skills, and b-mod foundation exercises.

That’s at least 90 hours of writing and laying out you don’t have to do. And your clients will love these handouts—the tone is friendly and light, technical subjects have been made easy to grasp, and the layout is logical and consistent. Every handout can be customized with your logo.

  • Professionally written and designed
  • Vetted by top trainers
  • Fully editable Word documents
  • Customizable, ready for your logo
  • Available on thumb drive
  • For use in classes and private training

What You Get
Obedience: Sit | down | stand | watch | recall | stay | wait | go to your mat | leave it | loose-leash walking | heel | hand target/touch | sit to greet | let’s go

Behavior modification: Desensitization, general | muzzle desensitization | gentle leader desensitization | shy dogs | open bar, closed bar

Training concepts: Luring | say please | shaping | time out (negative punishment)

Foundation learning: How dogs learn | debunking dominance | clicker training

Prevention topics: House-training | crate training | confinement training | socialization | bite inhibition | handling | resource guarding | anti-jump | stimulation | chew training | digging | barking | counter surfing | exercise plan | exercise | starting out right

Real-life exercises: Kitchen mealtimes | out and about | taking a walk | teaching your dog something new | visitors to the house

Miscellaneous: Selecting a dog or puppy | dog-to-dog introductions | size difference | sibling rivalry | starting out right with your dog | dog-baby intros | dog-cat intros | tug-of-war

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See Samples Of Branded Handouts

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  • Wow! The Homework Toolkit is fantastic. Very professional, easy for the client to follow, and I save so much time. Great value. Your company is genius!”
    Debbe Weissbuch, Happy Tails Dog Training
  • Just what I needed! My logo fits perfectly—an awesome product, already saving me heaps of time. dogtec really does what its tagline says.”
    Caroline Spark, City Dog, Country Dog
  • Can I just say how fantastic The Homework Toolkit is? Oh my gosh! My clients are going nuts over the handouts.”
    Erica Curtis, Arnicadia Farms Dog Training