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The Puppy Class Curriculum

What Is It?
A professionally designed R+ curriculum for anyone teaching puppy classes.

Never again start with 10 students and finish with 6, or piece a class together from other trainers’ plans. Set your clients up for success beyond the classroom to keep them coming back to your classes time and again.

Our open enrollment option keeps your classes full, lets puppies start right away, and means no more cancelled classes due to under enrollment.

And we’ve built Operation Socialization® right into the curriculum for the best start in life for the puppies, and a marketing edge for you.


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What You Get
Materials: Materials: Fully scripted curriculum | student homework handbook | instructor’s handbook | assistant’s handbook | 2-hour DVD for instructors

Operation Socialization program: 20 Puppy passports | intro letters | socialization talks for public, vets, shelters | socialization bandana template | socialization certificate | an easy way to build referrals to fill your classes

Behaviors covered: Sit | down | stay | come | go to your mat | leave it | loose-leash walking

Training concepts: Basic learning theory | nothing for free | life rewards | luring | shaping | reward removal (negative punishment) | timing | criteria | proofing / handling distraction | getting and keeping focus | rate of reinforcement | fading the lure | problem solving

Prevention topics: House-training | crate training | socialization | anti-jumping | bite inhibition | handling | food guarding


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  • dogtec got my dog training business off on the right path. Thanks to their easy-to-implement marketing strategies, business admin assistance, and R+ dog training curriculum, I’ve established a professional training business. The open enrollment for Puppy and the creative and successful curriculum design for Basic Manners are the talk of my town. I’d recommend dogtec to anyone that strives to be more than just another dog training school.”
    –Susan Paulson, , Workin’ Paws
  • Absolutely fantastic! I hadn’t used Open Enrollment in my classes before, but my puppy revenues are up almost 10% in a 2.5-month period compared with last year. Clients are much more likely to sign up if they can start right away. In the past I’d lose 4-5 weeks of signups because I was in the middle of a session. Now I have a roster filled to the gills. This is one of the best investments I ever made for my business. Thanks!”
    Barb Levenson, Barb Levenson Dog Training
How Is It Different?
Open enrollment:
Class is ready for newcomers every week.

  • Clients with new puppies can start anytime, no waiting.
  • Puppies don’t miss out on crucial socialization time.
  • You never have to turn clients away.

Self-contained design:
Teach clients and dogs at different levels in the same class.k

  • First-week students with fifth-week students? No problem.
  • Visual learners with auditory learners? No problem.
  • Focused Lassies with distracted Scoobie Doos? No problem.
Contextual learning::
Clients learn through real or simulated (your choice) situations.

  • Vet visits, groomer visit: Handling.
  • Kitchen manners: Resource guarding prevention.
  • Outside strolls, café visits: Socialization.


dogtec & Operation Socialization: The Perfect Puppy Combo

We've made our Puppy Curriculum package even better by teaming with OS to give you:

1. A more powerful way to teach socialization
OS' mission is to get puppies socialized. The OS Puppy Passport gives you a built-in tool for teaching the importance of socialization-- and for helping your students get it done properly. The passport and the exercises we've built around it create powerful incentive for students to get their pups out in the world, and their passports guide them as they go.

2. An easy way to market your puppy classes
Sending students into your community to visit local businesses with their OS Puppy Passports results in new and strengthened referral relationships for you. We've included a complete, easy-to-execute marketing program in your Puppy Curriculum package. And don't worry-- no direct selling needed. If the word 'marketing' makes your stomach flip, this project is perfect for you.

Time to re-order Puppy Passports, or want to try them out on your own?

Passports are sold in packets of 20, 40, 80, and 100
20-80 Passports: $2.50 per passport
100+ Passports: $2.25 per passport

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20 Passports
$50 + shipping
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40 Passports
$100 + shipping

Need more than 40 Puppy Passports? Email us.

FAQ: Do I have to use the Puppy Passports to teach your curriculum?
No. The curriculum is designed to be used with or without the passports. But we think once you try them you'll be hooked-- that's why we include 20 passports free with your curriculum package order. Experience them first hand, and then do the math: If you average 8 students in class, you'll pay $3 per class session for increased socialization compliance and a great way to market and help fill your class program. Not a bad equation.