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The Marketing Toolkit

What Is It?
A collection of ready-to-go marketing projects for your dog business.

Marketing doesn’t have to be a hassle. Grow your business with multiple marketing projects, ready for you to personalize and start using.

  • Easy to use
  • Designed by marketing professionals
  • Ready to personalize with your business name and logo
  • Fully editable
  • Available on thumb drive
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
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What You Get
Starter Kit: Marketing basics DVD | website success tips | design tips for logo, business card, and print material | newsletter success tips | outgoing email language | sample email inquiry language | sample email follow-up language | sample language for invoices and receipts | sample language for asking for testimonials | sample language for answering the phone

Classes Marketing Kit: Put your classes on top: Free passes | return cards| emails/newsletter/website language | class flier/postcard | graduation bandanas | bumper sticker | graduation certificate | shopping list | store coupon

Referral Marketing Kit: Boost your business with referrals: Intro letters | thank-you cards | vet reports | vet and shelter folders (handouts, etc.) | presentation for vet, shelter, or daycare staff (power point slides) | language for initial phone and email appointment request

Operation Socialization Kit: Promote your puppy classes and privates: 10 Puppy Passports | socialization presentations for vets, shelters, and the public (power point slides) | socialization destination referral network program | socialization brochure | socialization bandana | socialization certificate | intro letters

  • dogtec has the most professionally designed dog-training business tools on the market today.”
    Terry Blaine, The Dog Ranch Training & Information Centre, Langley, BC
  • Over the past 4 or 5 months, my client numbers had dropped and I was not getting return clients from any of my classes. I decided to sign up for dogtec consulting to get me back on track. I’ve also taken advantage of the Marketing Toolkit. All the materials are very easy to use—you just add your logo. It’s been a great experience getting help for my new regrowth.
    Gloria Post, Hands On Dog Training

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dogtec & Operation Socialization: The Perfect Puppy Combo

We've made our Marketing Toolkit even better by teaming with OS to give you:

1. A more powerful way to teach socialization
OS' mission is to get puppies socialized. The OS Puppy Passport gives you a built-in tool for teaching the importance of socialization-- and for helping your students get it done properly. The passport and the exercises we’ve built around it create powerful incentive for students and clients to get their pups out into the world, and their passports guide them as they go.

2. Easy ways to market your puppy classes & privates
The passports, socialization talks, socialization brochures, socialization referral network program, and additional materials we've built into the Marketing Toolkit give you a powerful way to spread the word about socialization while also spreading the word about your puppy classes and privates. And don't worry-- no direct selling needed. If the word 'marketing' makes your stomach flip, these projects are perfect for you.

Time to re-order Puppy Passports, or want to try them out on your own?

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20-80 Passports: $2.50 per passport
100+ Passports: $2.25 per passport

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