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The Topics Class Curriculum

What Is It?
A professionally designed R+ curriculum collection for anyone looking to increase their class revenue.

Get 4 short classes to expand your class program, make it easy for new students to get a taste of your teaching style, and give Basic Manners graduates something to come back for.

Recession-proof your class program by offering your clients easy-to-schedule classes that are easy on the pocketbook, too.

  • Easy to use
  • Designed by master curriculum designers
  • Fully editable
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
  • Can be used to guide private lessons
  • Available on thumb drive
  • Use with or without clickers
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The Classes

  • About Town: Intermediate Manners
    (4 weeks)

  • Dogs Behaving Badly: Impulse Control Workshop
    (1 week)

  • Total Recall: Building A Reliable Recall
    (3 weeks + bonus 1 week teaser)

  • Walkabout: Master Loose-Leash Walking
    (4 weeks)

What You Get
Materials: Fully scripted curriculums | student homework handouts | instructor’s handbooks | assistant’s handbooks | 2-hour web seminar for instructors

Behaviors covered:
Dogs Behaving Badly: Sit | Wait | anti jumping | impulse control
About Town: Sit | stay | loose-leash walking | wait | distraction proofing
Total Recall: Come | stay | distraction proofing
Walkabout: Loose-leash walking | leave it | go for it | distraction proofing

Training concepts covered: Basic learning theory | nothing for free | luring | reward removal (negative punishment) | timing | criteria | proofing / handling distraction | getting and keeping focus | rate of reinforcement | fading the lure | use of voice and body | problem solving

  • Your products have literally helped us stay in and grow our business. I just bought the Topics Classes Curriculum and can’t wait to get it.”
    Dennis Fehling, Friends For Life Dog Training

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