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The Business Toolkit For Walkers & Sitters

What Is It?
A complete set of ready-made business administration and workflow documents for dog walkers and pet sitters.

Why do everything from scratch? With all the paperwork set up and ready to go, your smooth business practices and flawless professionalism will wow your clients.

  • Easy to use
  • Ready to personalize with your business name or logo
  • Tried and tested by dog pros across the country
  • Created in consultation with lawyers (contracts)
  • Works on PC or Mac
  • Available on thumb drive
  • Free toolkit upgrades
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What You Get
Contracts & waivers: Dog walking contract | dog boarding contract | in-home sitting contract | drop-in sitting contract |

Screening and intake materials: Dog walking screening worksheet | dog walking phone screening form | dog walking intake interview form | dog walking screening and intake questions | pet sitting and boarding screening worksheet | pet sitting and boarding screening form | pet sitting and boarding intake interview form | pet sitting and boarding screening and intake questions

Care summary materials: Dog walk summary chart | group walk record sheet | dog walking equipment check list | dog walking daily report sheet | dog walking daily report card | dog walking weekly report card | pet sitting and boarding care summary chart | pet sitting equipment checklist | boarding report form | pet sitting visit report sheets

Emergency & Incident materials: Animal injury report | behavioral concern report | client emergency contact list | dog fight protocols | dog incident report | emergency numbers list | employee injury report | incident & emergency protocols | medical concern report

Employee materials: Dog walker job descriptions | pet sitter job description | office manager or admin job description | dog walker task sheet | pet sitting task sheet | office manager or admin task sheet

Administrative tools: Invoice | receipt | phone and email log | client communication log | references sheet

  • “It’s genius! Thank you!”
    Jeanne Lynch-Eriksen, Fit Bernal Fit!

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