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Client Snapshots
Cathy Chen-Rennie

Business The Rex Center
What Canine Aquatic & Fitness Center
Where Pacifica, CA

Cathy pursued her love of dogs as a hobby for a good 15 years, enjoying everything from basic training to herding. Finally, after years of toil in the lucrative world of software, Cathy decided it was time turn her dream of running a canine assisted swimming, massage, and training facility into a reality. She called dogtec.

We worked with Cathy to develop a transition plan, define services, set rates, find a suitable location, crunch numbers and financial projections, put together a marketing plan, and develop a branded identity.

The result The Rex Center is off to a strong start. The marketing plan resulted in multiple newspaper articles sending clients in for alternative exercise and healing options for elderly, post-surgical, and athletic dogs. Cathy is confidently riding the growing wave of new dog care services.

Erica Nance

Business Dogs of Hudson
What Training studio & boutique
Where Hudson, NY

Getting Erica’s upscale training studio and boutique ready to open was a busy ride and dogtec was along for the duration.

The first step was the renovation of an old building to create a classroom space and storefront plus an apartment upstairs for her family. While construction moved forward we worked with Erica to develop services and a merchandise approach that would fit with her area—a small tourist town with a large influx of people on weekends and during the summer.

Dogs of Hudson offers the best in boutique items, each displayed with a witty card describing its uses. In addition to standard class and private training options, Erica offers in-facility day training and short workshops and playgroups, all catering to the vacation set (and great fun for locals, too).

The result Dogs of Hudson is thriving. Erica is hiring a trainer to teach her group classes because she has more business than she can handle.

Caroline Spark

Business City Dog, Country Dog
What Day training, board & train, retreats & camps
Where Portland, OR

Caroline brought us a unique challenge. She wanted a sustainable business she could run while living part time in Portland and part time at her cabin in the woods on the Oregon coast.

After some exploratory discussion of what she most liked about training and working with dogs and their people, we helped Caroline design a dual life—day training in the city and board & train in the country—and a marketing plan to make it work.

Thus City Dog, Country Dog was born.

The result The first Dog Camps in summer 2009 were a huge success, with many campers signing up for 2010 on the spot. In winter, the classes and the day training keeps Caroline busy. She’s proof that with a bit of ingenuity and a lot of elbow grease you can sometimes have it all.

Christine Hibbard

Business Companion Animal Solutions
What Behavior modification: Day training, board & train
Where Seattle, WA

Christine Hibbard called dogtec a year after graduating from the San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers. Her business, Companion Animal Solutions, focuses on dogs with fear, aggression, and separation anxiety, and while CAS performed impressively for a start-up, Christine still worked full time in her old software job. The income necessary to make a complete transition just wasn’t there yet.

To change that, dogtec and Christine created tailored transition and marketing plans, a key part of which was to establish strong veterinary relationships. Partnering with vets supported Christine’s difficult case work and boosted her referrals.

The result The following year Christine’s training business employed not only herself but also a trainer, a behaviorist, and several interns. CAS now serves animal guardians in Seattle and Portland.