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dogtec Business & Marketing Consulting
Why Consult With Us?

We’ve worked with many hundreds of dog professionals—dog trainers, dog walkers, pet sitters, daycare and boarding operators, and the occasional speciality business like canine aquatic centers or photographers.

Every day we write business plans, marketing plans, vet introduction letters, job descriptions, and contracts. We create new services, identify niches, and give workshops.

Why not put all that expertise to work for you?

We Can Help You

Write a business or marketing plan
Identify niche markets
Transition from other work to full time dog pro
Switch to inexpensive, idea-based marketing

Bring in employees or contractors
Think up new services
Package your services right
Charge what you’re worth
Fix revenue-zapping policies
File business paperwork

The Consulting Process & Consulting Packages

  • I have worked with dogtec since I started my business, and words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation. Veronica is a joy to work with—incredibly friendly and personable. She is attentive and passionate about helping your business thrive.”
    Wendy Chen, Paws on Track
  • I am so proud and excited to say that our team of presenters now exists in 34 States and 5 Countries! I don’t do this alone! I have found great support from the dogtec team; they have helped my vision to grow into reality. I cannot recommend dogtec enough!
    –Jennifer Shryock, Dogs & Storks
  • No one has balked at the new price tag you helped me set. I’ve got a nice little stack of checks on my desk. Thank you so much for your wonderful guidance.”
    Erica Curtis, Arnicadia Farms Dog Training
  • I wanted to let you know that I’m selling more training packages than ever before, thanks to you. Kudos to your expertise and excellent coaching!”
    –Carmen Buitrago, MS, CAAB, CPDT, Cascade Pet Camp
A dogtec client
Case Study: Trainer
Case Study: Daycare & Training

Client Snapshots

  • dogtec gave me excellent guidance on how to set up my business, and the confidence to charge what I’m worth and effectively market myself. Everything I needed to do to be successful was explained clearly and the advice covered the big picture right down to small details like what to say during an initial phone inquiry to help make the sale.”
    Inge Goetz-Cordova, Inge’s Klever K9s
  • Gina worked with me to analyze my business and identify and revise weak spots including fee structure and marketing strategies. Best of all, she turned my frantic schedule into a well-oiled machine. Business is significantly better—my income is up 15% in just 6 months. Thanks Gina and dogtec!”
    Caroline Applebee, Raising Rover
  • Things are going great since we worked together. I took to heart your advice—and have immediately had an increase in business, especially longer term clients. The work is rolling in and I’m going to need a break soon!”
    Caroline Spark, City Dog, Country Dog