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Career Change Consulting
Why Consult With Us?

We have helped hundreds of dog professionals start successful businesses—anything from a career in dog training to opening large dog-related facilities. We spend our days writing business plans and marketing plans, crunching numbers, creating new services, and identifying niches.

Why not put all that expertise to work for you?

We Can Help You

Write a business or marketing plan
Identify niche markets
Transition from other work to full time dog pro
Switch to inexpensive, idea-based marketing

Bring in employees or contractors
Think up new services
Package your services right
Charge what you’re worth
Fix revenue-zapping policies

The Consulting Process

The Packages

First Steps
1-hour: $140
Choose the right school or educational path for you, create a start up budget, and review legal requirements.

Paperwork (LLC)
2 hours w/research: $350
We find the applications you need and email them to you. We guide you through your legal set-up (business license, fictitious business name, state service mark, LLC, EIN), teach you how to run your LLC, and help set up your required LLC binder.

5 hours: $600
First Steps and Paperwork packages, plus help to package your services, create a marketing plan, and set your rates and policies.

Start-Up & Move Forward
10 hours: $1,100
Start-Up package, plus help getting your first marketing projects off the ground, handling challenges, and providing structure to keep you moving ahead.

Start-Up & Mentorship Package (trainers)
10 hours: $1,100
Start-Up package, plus 5 hours of case coaching to help you ace your first private clients or 5 hours of curriculum coaching to make your classes the best in town.

Case Study: Trainer
Case Study: Daycare & Training

Client Snapshots

  • Because of dogtec’s consulting I was able to turn my dog training hobby into a profitable business.”
    Nancy Dougan, A Dog For All Seasons
  • dogtec’s consultants are friendly, helpful, and knowledgable. We started from scratch, knowing only that we loved dogs and wanted to run a boarding kennel. dogtec started us off on the right foot, put our business one step ahead of the competition, and helped us avoid the pitfalls of the dog business world.”
    Nicole Gonzalez, The Country Life Kennels
  • I never thought my idea for a new business could become a reality. Veronica helped me hone my idea into a concept both profitable and fun. She provided critical insight, support, and marketing expertise. She played such a large role my success I’ve come to think of her as the unofficial business partner.”
    Ariana Kincaid, Operation Socialization
  • dogtec gave me excellent guidance on how to set up my business, and the confidence to charge what I’m worth and effectively market myself. Everything I needed to do to be successful was explained clearly and the advice covered the big picture right down to small details like what to say during an initial phone inquiry to help make the sale.”
    Inge Goetz-Cordova, Inge’s Klever K9s