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The Consulting Process
  • We email you a pre-coaching questionnaire to fill out and return. In it, you tell us about your business, goals, competition, community, etc., so we can get straight to work in your first session.

  • We consult with you over the phone, at your convenience.

  • At the end of each talk, we review the ground we’ve covered and confirm to-do lists for you and for your dogtec consultant.

    (Most client appointments last one hour and happen once a week, but your needs dictate the schedule.)

Why Consult With Us?

The Packages

3 hours: $375

Fine-tune an existing business: Find a new marketing approach; add services; adjust policies; develop a new niche; improve sales; and more.

5 hours: $600

All the essentials of start-up: Write a business plan; run a feasibility assessment; guide you through legal set-up (business license, LLC, insurance, etc); package your services; create a marketing plan; build a schedule; and set your rates and policies.

Established Businesses:
Check your rates and policies to protect against revenue loss, refine or launch a marketing plan to bring in more business, put strategies into place for time management and efficiency, improve your sales comfort and strategy, help solve problems and reach goals.

Business Development
10 hours: $1,100

Start-Up Package, plus: Develop a transition plan to move you from full-time employee to full-time business owner; design a marketing calendar, action plan, and tracking methods; get your first marketing projects off the ground; oversee your design process; and provide structure to keep you motivated and moving ahead through the first year of your business.

Established Businesses:
Growth Package, plus: Tackle large projects like staff expansion and training; adding a new facility; or planning, executing, and tracking a comprehensive marketing plan.


As part of your consulting package, if needed, we'll help you determine the legal paperwork needed for your business and show you how to access and file it. But if you'd like a little extra help, we'll do your filing for you. Includes your business license, fictitious business name, and any additional paperwork necessary, such as Limited Liability Company articles of organization, state service mark, and EIN or Tax ID #.

Please note: This service available only to clients purchasing a multiple hour consulting package.

Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner Member
$50 discount off any consulting package*

By special arrangement with KPA, we offer a consulting discount to to KPA Basic, Plus, and Premium members: You worked hard to earn your KPA designation, and your potential clients should know about it. Learn how to leverage your KPA status through marketing projects designed to make the most of your affiliation with the Karen Pryor Academy.

CATCH Canine Trainers Academy
$50 discount off any consulting package*

By special arrangement with CATCH Canine Trainers Academy, we offer a consulting discount to CATCH students and graduates. Learn how to market and grow your business leveraging your CATCH affiliation and using creative marketing projects chosen to match your skill sets, personality, and comfort zone.

Victoria Stilwell Professional Dog Trainer
$50 discount off any consulting package*

By special arrangement with Victoria Stilwell, we offer a consulting discount to VSPDT trainers and VSA graduates: Learn how to leverage your connection to Victoria through marketing projects designed to make the most of your brand's connection to Victoria's.

Dogs & Storks and DABC
$50 discount off any consulting package*

By special arrangement with Family Paws Parent Education, we offer a consulting discount to Dogs & Storks and Dog And Baby Connection licensed presenters: Learn how to leverage your presenter status to market your business, including strategies and language for comfortably and effectively approaching OBGYN clinics, doulas, baby boutiques, and other specialized marketing connections.

A dogtec client

Case Study: Trainer
Case Study: Daycare & Training

Client Snapshots

How Much Consulting?
Depends on your goals. Here’s a rough guide:

For clear-cut technical questions
1-hour session.

Things like insurance, business licenses, limited liability companies, hiring employees vs. independent contractors, etc.

For a business boost
3-hour package.
Fine-tuning an established business: A new marketing approach, adding services, managing staff better, developing a new niche, etc.

For business start-up or growth
5-hour package.
All the essentials of starting out right: Business and marketing plan, policies, scheduling, numbers, etc.

For business start-up or development and ongoing support
10-hour package.
(Everything in the 3- and 5-hour packages, plus additional hours for support with implementation, fine-tuning, and any unexpected challenges.)

Still Not Sure?
Simply leave the decision until after your first session. You'll still pay the discounted rate of whichever package you choose.

How Do I Get Started?
Email now to set up an appointment


Purchase your preferred package:

1 hour: $140
3 hours: $375
5 hours: $600
10 hours: $1,100

* KPA CTPs, CATCH students and graduates, VSPDT and VSA trainers, and licensed Dogs & Storks or DABC presenters receive a one-time $50 discount that may be used toward a consulting package, toolkit, or curriculum package.

Want to save money on a full package of products and/or consulting? Check out our discounted Business Success Packages.

  • DogTec is the absolute gold standard in dog trainers' learning the business of it all.”
    Eugenia Vogel, Canine Coach
  • Having you as a consultant is one of the best investments I've made for my business.”
    Mira Jones, Taillights Dogs