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The Dog Walking Academy

Where: Multiple Locations
Duration: 3 or 4 days, depending on location (either Th & F evening and all day Sat & Sun OR all day F, Sat, Sun)
Size: Limited to 16 students
Cost: $650

An intensive 4-day workshop leading to professional dog walking certification. Graduates come away fully equipped to start a dog walking business—or advance an existing one. Expand your knowledge of canine behavior, learn new pack-management techniques and fight protocols, and go through the A-Z of running and marketing a dog walking business.

What You Get
  • Professional dog walking certification
  • First Aid certification
  • Certification seals for marketing
  • 24 CPDT CEUs
  • Continental breakfast (weekend), afternoon power snacks
  • Copy of The Business of Dog Walking

What You Will Learn
Pack management | dog communication & body language | aggression in all its forms: what it means, how to prevent it, and what to do about it | safety and fight protocols | basic training: build reliable sits, recalls, and polite leash behavior | client and dog screening | public relations | small business practices | liability protection | marketing | increasing profits | legalizing your business

The course is taught through lecture, video analysis, demos, hands-on exercises, and fieldtrips.

This is a professional course for adults 18 years and older.

NYC, New Hampshire, Virginia
North Carolina
San Diego
Vancouver/ Lower Mainland, BC
Indianapolis, IN
Austin, TX
Phoenix/ Scottsdale, AZ
New Zealand
United Kingdom
2014 Dates
San Francisco, CA  7/31-8/3
SF Permit Info 11/13-16
Austin, TX 10/10-12
New York City, NY 11/13-16
San Diego, CA 11/6-9
Grand Rapids, MI 7/31-8/3
Murphy, NC  11/14-16
Indianapolis, IN 9/18-21
Vancouver, BC 9/11-14
Chicago, IL 10/24-26
Phoenix, AZ 10/9-12
Swanzey, NH 9/4-7
Auckland, NZ 8/30-9/1
Wellington, NZ 10/25-27
Effingham, UK 8/23-25

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  • What a terrific way for people to learn to start a dog walking business or, like me, improve the one they already have. I’m proud to be a certified dog walker!”
    Mandy Thompson
  • I went through the DWA in 2005 and have since put all of my dog walkers through it. I think in large part our great safety record is a result of Veronica’s excellent guidance.”
    Molly Kenefick
  • This class was brilliant …worth every penny.”
    –Paige Tuhey
  • Business is great and so am I! I am so happy with this profession. Thanks for all of your help...couldn't have done it without you!”
    –Michelle Ruth
  • I got so much out of the course. It’s changed my whole relationship with walking dogs and even with my dog. I can’t thank you enough.”
    Mathew Miller, Mutt’s Mutts
  • We only hire Dog Walking Academy grads--the best candidates always come out of dogtec!”
    Stephanie MillerSF Puppy Prep Dog Walking

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