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The Dog Walking Academy

Where: Multiple Locations
Duration: 3 or 4 days, depending on location (either Th & F evening and all day Sat & Sun OR all day F, Sat, Sun)
Size: Limited to 16 students
Cost: $650

An intensive 4-day workshop leading to professional dog walking certification. Graduates come away fully equipped to start a dog walking business—or advance an existing one. Expand your knowledge of canine behavior, learn new pack-management techniques and fight protocols, and go through the A-Z of running and marketing a dog walking business.

What You Get
  • Professional dog walking certification
  • First Aid certification
  • Certification seals for marketing
  • 24 CPDT CEUs
  • Continental breakfast (weekend), afternoon power snacks
  • Copy of The Business of Dog Walking

What You Will Learn
Pack management | dog communication & body language | aggression in all its forms: what it means, how to prevent it, and what to do about it | safety and fight protocols | basic training: build reliable sits, recalls, and polite leash behavior | client and dog screening | public relations | small business practices | liability protection | marketing | increasing profits | legalizing your business

The course is taught through lecture, video analysis, demos, hands-on exercises, and fieldtrips.

This is a professional course for adults 18 years and older.

NYC, New Hampshire, Virginia
North Carolina
San Diego
Vancouver/ Lower Mainland, BC
Indianapolis, IN
Austin, TX
Phoenix/ Scottsdale, AZ
New Zealand
United Kingdom
2014 Dates & Locations
San Francisco, CA  7/31-8/3
SF Permit Info 11/13-16
Austin, TX 10/10-12
New York City, NY 11/13-16
San Diego, CA 11/6-9
Grand Rapids, MI 7/31-8/3
Murphy, NC  11/14-16
Indianapolis, IN 9/18-21
Vancouver, BC 9/11-14
Chicago, IL 10/24-26
Phoenix, AZ 10/9-12
Swanzey, NH 9/4-7
Auckland, NZ 8/30-9/1
Wellington, NZ 10/25-27
Effingham, UK 8/23-25

2015 Dates & Locations

2015 dates will be posted by mid October. Check back, or email us and we'll automatically send you dates for your preferred location(s) when they're confirmed.

2015 locations will include:

Ann Arbor, MI
Atlanta, GA
Auckland, NZ
Austin, TX
Calgary, CA
Chicago, IL
Dublin, IR
Effingham, UK
Grand Rapids, MI
Indianapolis, IN
Murphy, NC
New York City, NY
Phoenix, AZ
Portland, OR
Salt Lake City, UT
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA
Sao Paulo, BR
Seattle, WA
Swanzey, NH
Toronto, CA
Vancouver, BC
Wellington, NZ

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  • What a terrific way for people to learn to start a dog walking business or, like me, improve the one they already have. I’m proud to be a certified dog walker!”
    Mandy Thompson
  • I went through the DWA in 2005 and have since put all of my dog walkers through it. I think in large part our great safety record is a result of Veronica’s excellent guidance.”
    Molly Kenefick
  • This class was brilliant …worth every penny.”
    –Paige Tuhey
  • Business is great and so am I! I am so happy with this profession. Thanks for all of your help...couldn't have done it without you!”
    –Michelle Ruth
  • I got so much out of the course. It’s changed my whole relationship with walking dogs and even with my dog. I can’t thank you enough.”
    Mathew Miller, Mutt’s Mutts
  • We only hire Dog Walking Academy grads--the best candidates always come out of dogtec!”
    Stephanie MillerSF Puppy Prep Dog Walking

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