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Master The Growlies Seminar

Duration: 2 days
Cost: $185

Learn successful training and business practices for dog-dog aggression cases. Relevant for dog trainers, behaviorists, walkers, veterinarians, and others who work with on or off leash dog-dog aggression, as well as anyone with an interest in the professional side of dog-dog aggression.

  • Improve your case resolution
  • Learn new approaches to dog-dog aggression
  • Take on each dog-dog aggression case confidently
  • Get pricing, sales, and packaging right

What You Will Learn
Diagnostics | effective treatment tips | coaching strategies | pricing & policies | sales techniques | fully developed treatment plans | step-by-step case studies | video analysis | business tips | day training | and more

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Upcoming Classes

Murphy, NC
With Gina and Lisa

You can also order the full Master The Growlies seminar DVD


  • Thank you for such a great seminar. The day after class I sold my first day training sessions! I have since sold it to 3 more clients. This past week was amazing; I made the amount of money that I’d normally make in a really good month! I just wanted you to know I’ve been using so much of what I learned from the seminar and am so excited by the huge amount of success I’m having!
    Melissa Hummer, Pawsitively Perfect Pooches
  • Veronica and Kim sent us home with an indisputable rationale for changing our dog-dog aggression training ways for the better: Better results, time management, income, even clients. Revolutionary.”
    Erica Nance, Dogs of Hudson