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How The Newsletter Service Works
  • Sign up. Use the online application or call dogtec.

  • We design your newsletter. A designer creates your unique nameplate (the graphically presented title of your newsletter) and a back-page signature panel with your contact details. If you have a logo or brand colors, we use those.

  • We write your newsletter. We fill the pages with interesting, informative articles, boxes, and bullets. All you have to do is to write your Announcement, Highlight, and Services.

  • We help you master newsletter marketing. In your complimentary marketing phone consultations we show you how to get the most from your newsletter in your particular industry and locale.

  • We send you your newsletter. In the month prior to you sending out your first newsletter, you’ll receive it as an editable PDF file. The areas set aside for your own content are clearly marked, simply place the cursor and type.

  • Press the print (or send) button. Email the newsletter, either yourself or through an email marketing service. Print the newsletter, either yourself or using a professional printer.

  • Begin marketing. Give your newsletter to existing customers. Mail it to lapsed and potential customers. Share it with working partners like vets and groomers and bring it to doggie events.

Newsletter Cost
One-time payment for initial newsletter setup, incl. personalized nameplate and signature plate: $350

Quarterly payments for service area exclusivity and newsletter content: $150

Copy Only?
Already have a newsletter?
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Intend to email your newsletter?

Get quarterly delivery of copy only for $150

How Your Newsletter Is Created
The Content. Article topics are chosen to inform, entertain, and educate about dogs. We demystify common canine behavior, write about dog-related trends, and pepper everything with notable facts and figures.
The Guidelines. All content is thoroughly researched and ethically approached. Numbers and industry trends come from reputable, verifiable sources. Training content reflects R+ techniques only.
The Writer. Has written for The Bark, Our Animals, Creature Comforts, and many national newspapers and magazines. She is a recipient of the Dog Writers’ Association of America’s Maxwell Medal for Best Magazine Feature.