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Dog Pro Referral List

The dog professionals listed here are either dog*tec clients, Dog Walking Academy graduates, or both. They have been invited to join our referral list because of their commitment to positive and scientific training and care methods and their commitment to business ethics and professionalism.

We do not, however, have the capacity to directly oversee the work of the dog pros listed here. It is your responsibility to fully vet any professional you consider hiring, and by using this list you agree to hold dog*tec harmless for your choice of dog professionals, the results of their service, and any advice you choose to follow.

Should you find any of the individuals or businesses listed here using aversive methods with dogs (including but not limited to yelling, hitting, or physical intimidation, use of choke/prong/shock/citronella collars, use of spray bottles or shake cans, etc.), or engaging in outmoded understandings of dog behavior, including notions of dominance and submission, we appreciate you emailing We will not share your name should you choose to do so.

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